Ethics Policy

From 2005 to 2008, I studied BA (Hons) Journalism at the University of Lincoln (UK). While primarily a practical course, it also included instruction in the theoretical aspects of the trade, including the law as it applies to journalists and ethical considerations. This site operates under effectively the same ethical structures as any good professional journalist uses.

The Truth

The most fundamental aspect of journalism ethics is the objective reporting of the truth or, at the very least, the truth to the extent that the journalist knows it. This site is no different. Reviews will be honest and complete (though, being largely based on personal experiences and opinions, they may be more subjective). The purpose of this site is to give fellow travellers a real view of my experiences, not boost the public image of businesses.

While I will always endeavour to conduct thorough research and fact checking, I do not claim to be totally infallible. There may possibly be slip-ups and inaccuracies. If discovered, these will naturally be corrected as soon as possible.


Since this site is not really a news medium, there will not be that many occasions where other people are used as sources of information. For the most part, the stories here will be descriptions of my own personal experiences, making me the sole source. However, in the cases where there are other sources, I will always use my skill and experience to gauge their reliability and weigh their input accordingly, but will also protect their identity.

Full Disclosure

As stated above, this site is a source of information and entertainment, not part of anybody’s PR machine. For that reason, every review will include a Full Disclosure paragraph at the end, clearly stating any personal or business relationship I may have with the subject of that review. Any payment involved (monetary or otherwise) will be included in this section. Naturally, I will do my best to avoid letting such relationships interfere with my objectivity.

In cases where I am invited to review a business, the owners or operators may request the right to preview the article before publication. This does not include the right to force changes, however. Corrections of factual errors will be accepted, but major content changes which significantly alter the tone or message of the piece will not. Businesses will be given the right to halt publication of an article for any reason.


This website differs from many others in that it directly addresses some of the more morally-questionable aspects of the travelling experience instead of shying away from them and pretending they don’t exist. An example of this might be prostitution in Thailand which, while illegal, is so widely practised that pretending it does not happen would be ignoring the elephant in the room.

I do not make any sort of moral judgement – I just report the facts. Such topics are included because it is my opinion that it is far better for people to make an educated decision based on accurate information than it is for them to blunder into a situation which could be potentially harmful. Most scams rely on people making uninformed and ill-advised decisions and being scammed can seriously ruin your travels.

A subject or practice being mentioned on this site does not constitute an endorsement of it.