What is Degema?

My name is Ben Reeves. I am a British-born travel writer and journalist, originally from Darkest Yorkshire and now living in sunny Phuket, Thailand.

The word “Degema” can describe any one of [at least] four things:

  1. A city in the Rivers State of Nigeria. The city gives its name to the surrounding Local Government Area, which covers 1,011 sq km and has a population of about 250,000 people. It is also the name of the Nigerian Delta Edoid language spoken by two small communities in the area.
  2. A British-built general cargo ship.
  3. A cocktail.
  4. A travel website. This travel website, to be precise.

The last three of these are closely linked together. Both the drink and this website take their name from the ship and the travel story which surrounds it. To learn more about each, click the links above.

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